Noting to see here

Been publishing cool docker images to docker hub since 2021 with automated update scripts running on my servers serving services with docker!

You can check out work I did in IT1 (Informasjons Teknologi 1) a Norwegian optional vocational course here.

Gits! Semi private Gitea, GitHub and GitLab.

Or maybe my discord server general, named after the Swedish snus.

There is also one specific for shitposting Hakkebakkeskogen vgs (dead).

Crypto stuff

SiaCoin webwallet hosted here on my fine webserver. It runs the docker image by siacentral. And it's pretty good, all keys and cryptography happens in the browser with golang and Web Assembly. Keys are stored encrypted with passphrase in browser with Indexed DB.

My sia host.

Tor mirror of this page.


Brand new and much better blog @, hosting by by GitHub Pages on

Spare some crypto?

XMR - 49yWsrT7WEDCorDxKE1L5JF1ijQ1FejVviuiuXhNQaE6e3D7if5Yy76AfTXxzyttJYaGn2Rt38udTUzz9D4DPbTyNh24Q8S

SIA - 3dc1be61662434a49cc252d529afd5a70cd2333b261ae0e535308c2a2a35745a3fb99af2f6cf

ZEC - zs10fnuwjd6ttcnp24sv45h3cnd9xuwjczrlvse98m9jfst5vj052ecxq6905x88mncku6y7zq5sym

DOT - 1PjspZQqcqgqKiApw1jcGMD2REGNki9TyyLyMzXVk4U7eFp

SOL - BT1Yr1sFrzh8YTndJXx3qAjmUWL9xfUETYcvBwEJtUPd

ETC - 0x1d14FDdd4dD61A33E0ECd1127D4c98406ACEa0ee

ETH - 0xb87b93E2606929bBa473549d812b6ddC241B7369

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DASH - Xkeo5TgZVnAdpvhXezHafc3ygjWzgGs5GY

LBRY - bJU34WdQ5Ri4MwJczvpQHL9whjrwUa4Sv2

NEO - AP7dpbJ7gsCSnytyW81oaGbnyRbTYhqZWF

LTC - Lb5o1Fz2dd7QWBSjtYUbXWbziq7qYUamJz

TRX - TT1j5SxJPiriz2hadGWqUFrWDpZ3tWkTT6

DGB - DT8yys5AV9Ar9w28dRAVaWRvfNEuMxozXB



Discord: GhostZephyr#7589

Session private messenger: 05a02ef23510b842ed3f1550c0d6421c2d83042b5c2502aabb651ac42e1fb3c71f

Telegram: @GhostZephyr